Feb 2, 2012

Designer Abigail Ahern's London Home

photos via The Selby
visit www.atelierabigailahern.com

I've always been fascinated by how creative people live....especially those who are known for their imaginative style and impeccable but quirky sense of taste, like London-based Interior and Product Designer, Abigail Ahern. I was excited to come across a photo editorial of her in her London home by The Selby. She seems to seamlessly know how to mix different styles and eras that would work in the city, suburbs, or the country. I love how her style reflects how she doesn't take herself too seriously. It's no wonder she's so highly sought after for her expertise. To see more of her work visit www.atelierabigailahern.com.

1 comment:

  1. Wowser! Imagine waking up in this house every morning :O

    -LAURA xx