Feb 4, 2012

Style Inspiration: Photographer, Camilla Alibrandi

Camilla at work

via Camilla's Myspace page

Past blog post via the Sartolialist- March 2009

@Miu Miu

 Ever since I came across a blog post in The Sartorialist asking Photographer, Camilla Alibrandi, if by wearing a backless dress while shooting a men's show makes her feel more powerful...(???). Her answer made me feel like she must have been the coolest person in the room. 
"It makes me feel safe and secure to think others may understand me better through the image I put forth."
I was all smiles when Camilla gave me permission to post about her style on my blog. I feel the photos speak for themselves. It's not so much "what" she wears that I admire so much, but how she wears it. She seems to wear a backless dress with the same comfort and confidence as if it were equivalent to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I find her very inspiring. I would forever like to channel my inner "Camilla" and express that sense of confidence in my own personal way :) ....xoxo

For the original editorial visit www.thesartorialist.com (Questions For....Camilla Alibrandi)

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  1. how awesome, great inspiration, loving your blog!!
    keep it up, and i'll keep coming back!